The next cohort start date is January 4th 2024

We will be posting about available spaces in the Applicant Discord Server

We ask our applicants to work on their coding skills before they apply to the programme. This is so everyone who joins our cohorts is at a good foundational level, and can get the most out of the programme.

There are 4 tasks to complete before you are ready to apply:

  • Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript basics;
  • Reach 6 kyu on Codewars;
  • Build a website;
  • Create a game.

Getting Started

  • You will need a web browser and a code editor.
  • Why: These are your key professional tools! Get comfortable with them, read the instructions, learn some shortcuts and try out cool features.

    We recommend: Google Chrome or Firefox browsers, VS Code editor.

  • Work with Git and Github:
  • Why: Learning both Git and GitHub will equip you with essential skills for version control, collaboration, and code management. GitHub is where you will showcase your work - we (and employers!) pay attention to your activity, so commit early and often to stand out.

    We recommend: Our workshop on how to work with Git and GitHub to help you get started.

Approaching Problems

If you have questions or are stuck on a project, try to find help online. Learning to find solutions is a key part of becoming a developer.

Good places to start are:

  • Our Discord Community:
  • Everyone is very friendly and open to helping each other. Don’t be shy to ‘fail in public’! We’re all learning here. Check out our guide on asking for help for some tips.

  • MDN;
  • Stack Overflow;
  • Use Generative AI as a tutor:
  • This is probably the most important learning tool of the century. Make sure your prompt asks to clearly break down a problem for you, so you are truly learning from its answer. Have a look at our guide on how to use GenAI for learning.

    Pro tip: Be clear and specific. Instead of asking questions like “can you fix this piece of code so it works?” ask “I’m a beginner to coding. Can you explain to me why this piece of code doesn’t work? Please outline what steps I need to take to fix it.”

Remember that everyone learns at their own pace and in their own way. Find what works best for you!

Good luck in your coding journey ✨